West Smoky Recreation Centre

Rent Ice Time Peace Country Alberta

Serving the Central Peace Region
4817 53rd. Ave. on the North end of Eaglesham
Across from the Eaglesham School

Phone: 780-359.3999 - Box 296 Eaglesham Ab. T0H 1H0
For bookings call 780-359-2121

WSRC Fitness Centre

Our Fitness Centre has expanded to include a running room and piclke ball courts in the old curling rink. Come check it out, get a fitness membership and enjoy.

See below for more information

Call Doug Greenfield for memberships : 780-359-2121

We would like to advertise your business at WSRC

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West Smoky Recreation Centre would like to extend an invitation for you to advertise in our facility this season.

WSRC entertains visitors and players from all over the Peace Region. Hockey games, Pond hockey, 4 H club participation and we operate three meeting rooms and a fitness centre, pickleball courts and an indoor running track. We also sponsor the Mighty Peace Sport & Recreation Senior Hockey Tournament each year.

We may be located in a small community but serve an area several counties wide. We would be very pleased to have your sponsorship and would love to display your business sign front and centre at our facility.

How it works is: You would supply a 4' X 8' sign of your choice. We pick it up and mount the sign for your sponsorship of the Rec Centre, which is $250 each year that the sign is displayed.

Another option is to advertise in our fitness room or running room. The sign here would be 2ft. X 3ft. at a cost of only $125 per year.

The Central Peace Country is the heartland of ranching and farming with unsurpassed recreation opportunities  that I believe would be a good fit for your advertising.

Would you consider this mutually beneficial sponsorship?

Contact Doug Greenfield
arena (at) eaglesham.biz

Meeting rooms and facilities are for rent.
(see below for fee schedule)

Arena Schedule / Co - Eds Hockey / Stallions Hockey / Fees / Events/ Fitness Room

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West Smoky Recreation Centre Scheduling
Meeting Rooms - Ice sports - Fitness Centre - Pickleball Courts

Arena is open to the public: Come on down and enjoy.
Watch the fun of Beginner skating / Shinny Hockey / Pond Hockey / Co-Ed hockey / Stallions hockey.
Bring the family and have some fun!
Refresh this page each visit to see additions or changes.

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WSRC Fitness Center is open
Includes the exercise room upstairs and the running room in the old curling area
Soon to come are Pickleball Courts.

Fitness Rooms are open to members 24 / 7
You will have an assigned time to avoid covid contact.

Memberships are available:
Monthly: $35.00 ea.
Annual: $125.00 ea.
Family: $250.00
Drop in fees are $5.00
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For membership Call Doug Greenfield
arena (at) eaglesham.biz

Fitness Center patrons must be accompanied by another person over 18 yrs.

Boots off in the Exercise Room please

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Pickleball courts are at WSRC in the old curling area


Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a wiffle ball, with 26-40 round holes, over a net. The sport shares features of other racquet sports: the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules somewhat similar to tennis, with several modifications.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Currently, the sport of pickleball is exploding in popularity.

To use our (soon to come) Pickleball courts you will need a fitness membership, which includes access to our indoor running track and the fitness room.

For membership Call Doug Greenfield

arena (at) eaglesham.biz

Boots off in the Exercise Room please

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Pickleball Rules


Basic Rules of Pickleball

At an early point in teaching beginners, some basic rules of the game of Pickleball must be introduced. The basic rules of the the game are simple and easy and that is what makes Pickleball fun to play. "You can get started right away." Here are the basic rules you need to know or teach to get started. More complex rules can be introduced as players progress.


The game of Pickleball was developed so that all members of a family could participate so the rules were kept simple. Many of the rules are an adaptation from tennis, ping pong and badminton.

The rules of Pickleball have been published by the International Federation of Pickleball The Federation refers to their rules as, IFP Official Tournament Rulebook. These are the official rules that must be followed for a sanctioned tournament but adaptations of the rules can be used for non sanctioned and recreational play.

There is no reason why teachers can not make changes to accommodate a smaller space or younger players. As long as basic rules are followed, the main objective is to have fun. For teachers and players who want all the technical aspects click on IFP Official Tournament Rule Book.

Pickleball Canada will make modifications to rules for non sanctioned tournaments held in Canada as they are required.

Here are the key rules that beginning players need to know.

The Two Bounce Rule

The ball must bounce twice, once on each side of the court, before players can hit the ball in the air or on the “volley”. When the ball is served, it bounces in the receivers service court, the serving team must stay back and wait for the ball to bounce again on their side before they can move up and play the ball in the air.

This rule is instrumental in providing long rallies in the game of Pickleball. The serving team cannot serve the ball deep and then run to the net and smash it down “the throat” of their opponents. They must stay back and wait for the return bounce. New players often forget this and start to move up quickly with the serve and get caught hitting the ball in the air.

Coaches/instructors must remind both players on the serving team to stay back at the service line until the ball has bounced on their side. After the ball has bounced twice either team can play the ball on the bounce or in the air.

The Non-Volley Zone Faults

The Non-Volley Zone is a rectangle that is 7' X 20 feet on both sides of the net. Since Pickleball was designed as a family game this area was put in place so that a player has to stay back from the net when hitting the ball in the air. Thus, cutting down on the number of smashes and possible injury to an opposing player. This also helps make for longer rallies.

This is one of the most difficult rules for players to get used to especially tennis players. You can not step on the NV-line or into the NV-Zone when making a volley shot, a shot in the air. Your forward momentum cannot take you into the NV-zone after you hit the ball even if it is missed on the other side. No article of clothing, jewelery or paddle can fall into the zone on a volley or it is a fault. Your hat or paddle falling in is considered a fault.

Key points. This only applies when you are volleying or hitting the ball in the air. You can step in after making a ground stroke. You can go into the NV-zone to get a ball that bounces in there first. You can stand in the NV-zone all day if you want, you just can not play the ball in the air. It is a fault if you step in even after the ball is missed or hit by the opponents.

It may help to tell beginners that this rule was introduced to prevent players from going to the net and smashing it at their opponents as in tennis. It is safer and longer rallies result because there are fewer "put away's' standing 7' back from the net.


The game of Pickleball is usually played to a score of 11. The winning team must win by two points or play continues until one team wins by 2. In tournament play, games can be played to 15 or 21. Unlike tennis or badminton, only the serving team can win a point. The receiving team must get the “side down” and get the serve back before earning points.
You earn a point when the other team commits a fault. Faults are described below.


Scoring in pickleball can be very confusing to beginners. The first rule of etiquette in pickleball is that the server and only the server should announce the score. The player that is standing in the right-hand service area of the serving side always starts. That player is server number 1 for this sequence only. The next time they get the serve, their partner maybe in the right court to start and they become server number 1.

The sequence for announcing the score is as follows; serving team’s score first, opponents score second and server number third. So if the server announces 3, 4, 1, the serving team has 3 points, the opposing team has 4 points and server number 1 is serving. If the serving team wins a point, the score would be 4, 4, 1. The serving team switches courts after winning a point but the receiving team stays as is.

Remember the server only gets one fault and they lose their serve. You only get one chance to get your serve in, not two as in tennis.


To start the game, teams may decide to rally for serve playing the ball three times over the net before it is in play. Often, one team just decides to start. The team serving first gets only one serve their first time. This rule helps prevent “blow” out games with one team getting a large number of points to start. The server making the first serve should announce 0, 0, 2. The score is 0, 0, and because the team gets only one serve, the server is number 2. When the serve switches to the other side that team gets two serves and play continues that way until a score of 11 is reached.

In review from the first session, the server must serve underhand making contact with the ball below the waist. The top of the paddle face must be below the wrist and the server must have both feet behind the service line at the time of contact with the ball. The ball must be served to the diagonally opposite court and it must be clearly in the service area. The ball cannot hit any part of the non-volley zone including the non-volley line. A serve that hits the net but lands in the service area is called a “let” and is reserved. Before serving the ball, the server should make sure all players are ready. Take a minute to check to make sure your partner is ready and that the opposing team is ready.

If you are receiving the serve but you or your partner are not ready, hold up your hand or paddle. If the server serves to you anyway, do not swing at the ball and call for a “let” serve because you were not ready. Returning the ball indicates you were ready and the point stands.

Calling Lines

Pickleball like most racquet sports relies on the integrity of the players in calling shots in or out. The rule of etiquette suggests that players will call the lines as honestly and fairly as they can. Players should call the lines on their side of the net and opponents will do the same on their side. Opponents should never make a call on the other side of the net unless they are asked. If a team cannot decide on a line call, then the benefit always goes to the opponent. If a team asks for an opinion from an opponent, that decision is final. Again, fairness is the rule of the day. Remember it is only a game. Keeping this in mind, will prevent conflict on the court.


A point is earned or a serve is lost if a fault occurs. Remember, as in volley ball a point can only be scored by the serving team. A fault occurs on a serve when the ball hits short of the service court including the non-volley line. If the ball is served to the wrong court, long behind the back service line or out of the bounds that is a fault.

After the serve, a fault occurs if a player steps in the non-volley court or on the non-volley line while making a volley shot. If the ball is hit into the net or other permanent object such as the pole, that is a fault.

A balls that hit outside the boundary lines of the court are considered out and a fault. If the ball hits a player they have committed a fault. On the serve, if a ball is hit into the wrong court and the opposing player in that court is hit or catches the ball that is considered a fault on the receiving team.

A player should not catch a ball that is heading out of bounds because that is considered a fault as well. Always let the ball bounce first. An indication of an out ball should be made by yelling out or by hand jester indicating out. This should be done quickly.

Failing to hit the ball before it bounces twice is a fault. However, if the ball bounces twice off your paddle while you are making a continuous forward motion, this is legal. If the ball hits any part of your paddle hand, the hand below the wrist, is considered part to the paddle and legal.

If a ball hits a player or his/her clothing, while standing on or off the court during a rally, this is a fault and a point for the opponents.

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2020 / 21 Ice Arena Schedule

2020 / 21 Arena Season

West Smoky Ice plant is down and we are under covid closure until further notice.

Programs will resume as soon as restriction are lifted and the plant is repaired.
Stay tuned for program changes during the season.
Remember to refresh / reload your page to see changes.

Below is the Spring 2020 schedule
(Scroll Down)

Sundays: Arena can be rented for private use: Call Doug @ 359-2121 / ObscureMyEmail

Can be rented

Tuesdays :
Eaglesham School: 11-11:30 Grades 4/5/6
12:45 - 1:25 Grades: 1/2/3
2:00 - 3:15 Jr/ Sr High.
1:30 - 3:00 Canskate
Pond Hockey: 16:30 - 17:30
Stallions Hockey: 8:00 PM

Shinny Hockey All ages 7:00 - 10:PM

Eaglesham School: 11-11:30 Grades 4/5/6
12:45 - 1:25 Grades: 1/2/3
2:00 - 3:15 Jr/ Sr High.

Stallions Hockey: 8:00 PM

Pond Hockey: 16:30 - 17:30
1:30 - 3:00 Canskate
Shinny Hockey All ages 7:00 - 10:PM

Days can be rented:
Family Skate - Shinny Hockey All ages 6:30 - 10:00 PM

Can Skate Info Call Martine: 780-359-2448
Or Andrea: 780-359-2709

* No age requirements.
* Parents must be on ice for very small children.
* Registration on 1st day of class.
* Payment required at registration. Cash or cheque.
* Please bring Alberta Health Care # for Registration.
Questions? Contact Andrea 780-864-8418

Intro to Hockey (Pond Hockey) info Call Martine: 780-359-2448
Or Andrea: 780-359-2709

* Geared for kids who are already able to skate
forwards, backwards, and stop on command.
* Kids will enhance their existing skating skills and be
introduced to stick handling, puck control, passing,
receiving, and shooting through exciting drills.
* Hockey stick, Hockey gloves, and full face mask
* Registration on 1st day of class.
* Payment required at registration. Cash or cheque.
* Please bring Alberta Health Care # for Registration.
Questions? Contact Andrea 780-864-8418

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Event Bookings

(Watch for updates)

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To book the facility for a private function:
Call Doug Greenfield to book: 780-359-2121

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Co-Eds Hockey Schedule

Presently looking for participants for January 2021.

Thursdays: 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Wish to Join? Call Duncan Finlayson: 780-359-3884

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Stallions Hockey Schedule


Membership and Rental Fees

West Smoky Recreation Centre Membership and Rental Fees
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Can Skate - $100.00
Pond Hockey - $200.00

Curling membership: $187.00
Student curling: $50.00

Skating membership: $50.00
Adult skating membership: $100.00
Family skating membership: $200.00

Shinny & drop-in skating / curling fees $5.00

Fitness Centre Drop in fees, $5.00
Memberships: Monthly $35.00 or $125.00 yearly
Family membership: $250.00

Student Complex Membership $125.00
Adult Complex Membership: $280.00
Family Complex Membership: $475.00

Ice Rental Fees
Local Minor Sports: $62.00 hr.
Outside Minor Sports: 100.00 hr.
Adult Teams: 150.00 hr.
Tournaments $150.00 hr.
Family functions: $125.00 hr.

Meeting room rental:
Party $95.00 per function.
Corporate $125.00 per function.
Full Facility: $1250. per day

GST is applicable and included in the price.

Contact Cliff Garrett… 780-359-2512

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