Eaglesham Playschool Club

The Eaglesham Playschool Club

Located at the Eaglesham School, this program usually runs Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9 am - 12,
from mid September to mid June.

Eaglesham Playschool Club
is temporarily closed until further notice.
Thank you Mrs. Stoez for your faithful service.

Teacher: Mrs. Sharon Stoesz
President: Martine Piebiak
Secretary: Erika Duvall
Treasurer: Christine Bice

Eaglesham Playschool Club

Temporarily Closed, sorry

Eaglesham Playschool Club is entering its Ninth year located in Eaglesham School.

Our program runs Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-12 noon. September - June.

TBA start open to kids who are 4 years of age before TBA   

January 2022 start for those who are 4 before April 30, 2022. 

Fees include a $50 membership plus tuition.
Tuition for a full year is $550 per student.

Registration deadline for fall is June 15 and for winter is November 15.

Contact Erika Duvall to register or for more info.
780-837-4858 Email: duvalls.eb@gmail.com

Eaglesham Playschool Philosophy

Since 2013 we have been following the
Mother Goose Time curriculum. Our program’s philosophy is built on the knowledge that children learn best through play. Our program will provide a positive environment in which a wide variety of play experiences will be made to our children.

Our instructor will facilitate a play at a variety of play stations that will enhance the child’s physical and intellectual abilities, develop their self-esteem and encourage their desire to learn. Our program also aims to develop individual, social, emotional and creative potentials.

Play stations are designed to promote large and fine motor skills, vocabulary growth, experience with role playing, sharing and taking turns.

We will be theme based and believe that themes are very motivating and will provide the foundation for selecting our songs, stories for circle time, and changing the materials at our play stations.

Finally, it is important to provide this program in a visually appealing, clean and organized space.